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Backpacking Angeles Forest – Three Points to Cooper Canyon

Lauren on the rocks on the Pacific Crest Trail

My girlfriend and I recently did an out-and-back overnight trip along the Pacific Crest Trail in Angeles National Forest.

I didn’t take my DSLR with me on this trip, but I did snap a few photos with my point & shoot. I decided I’d like to start sharing my photos on here rather than just dumping them on Facebook… That way more people have a chance of seeing them. Here we go!

Some friendly folks that were hiking the entire length of the PCT warned us about Poodlebrush, a purple flower that has effects similar to poison oak. This stuff was all over the place up there, and apparently it had rendered some parts of the trail impassable. Luckily we didn’t encounter much of it while we were hiking, but we saw lots of it on the side of the road and just south of the trailhead.

We hit the trail at the Three Points trailhead (off of Angeles Crest Highway) towards Cooper Canyon Camp, about a 7.5 mile hike.

Leaving Three Points trailhead

Lauren on the PCT

Lauren on the trail

There were a lot of cool looking rocks along the way. I thought that this one looked like a face… Sort of like the Moai carvings from Easter Island.

Face in rock?

We stopped to hang out and climb around on these rocks for a bit.Lauren on the rocks on the Pacific Crest Trail

We started our hike a bit later than I would have liked, and as the sun started to set, we still had a ways to go…

Lauren on the trail during sunset

But we knew that we’d make it to the campground by nightfall, so we were able to stop and enjoy the sunset along the way.

Lauren at sunset with mountains

Lauren at sunset

Yes, a “selfie” happened.
PCT selfie! Lauren and I at sunset.

Lauren watching the sunset from the PCT

When we made it to Cooper Canyon Trail Camp, the sun had already set, but we were able to setup the tent and make friends around the campfire.

We got up early the next morning for some breakfast…Lauren making breakfast at Cooper Canyon Camp

Lauren breakfast at Cooper Canyon

After we packed up, we hiked another 7.5 miles back out to the trailhead.

Hiking back to the trailheadIt was a pretty easy hike, but it was out first overnight together.

In the past, all of my backpacking trips have been done with people more experienced than myself, so planning this one out on my own felt like an accomplishment. Here’s to the next one!

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