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Creepy Holiday Portraits From Sears Portrait Studio

Our creepy holiday portrait, number one

Update: Someone just spotted this on Instagram. These pictures are all over the place now. Should I feel proud? Not entirely sure.

My roommates and I decided to go to Sears Portrait Studio and get some holiday photos taken. We figured it’d be a funny experience, and then we’d have cards to send out to friends and family for the holidays. Well, they turned out much better than we expected.

Make sure there are no small children around before scrolling down. I suppose if you’re on a high resolution, it’s already too late. Sorry about that.

Our creepy holiday portrait, number one

Our creepy holiday portrait, number two

Our creepy holiday portrait, number three

If you know me in real life, keep an eye on your mailbox, as there’s a chance that you received (or will be receiving) one of these in the mail. Again, my apologies.

Happy holidays!

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  1. catherine

    So truly disturbing. Slightly offended that we didn’t get one in the mail!

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