Can I still call this a "blog" in 2022?


CSS Demo

This is a test post to demonstrate (and hopfully resolve) some CSS padding/image display issues. Here’s one image with a caption… you’ll notice that it gets pushed all the way below the suggested posts on the left:

Why does the image appear all the way below the suggested posts on the left?

Here’s a second image, without a caption… why does it have caption padding/a thin grey bar below it?

Here are two images in a row:

Beautiful beach on the Lost Coast Trail

Sunrise from Steep Ravine campsite 5

Here’s a gallery of two images:

And finally, here’s a 3 pack of images:

Why do these thumbs have an ugly grey box around them? Can I remove that somehow?

Hopefully I can figure out what’s going on with this outdated WordPress theme.

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