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Goggle Man (Shippensburg, PA)

A photo of "Goggle Man".

A photo of "Goggle Man" taken in Shippensburg, PA


Shot on Nikon N60, F8 @ 1/350th. Taken for a college photography course in 2006.

“Goggle Man” is well-known in the small college town of Shippensburg, PA. He has reached “urban legend” status at this point, and he’s known by many names – Crazy Jack, Crazy Carl, Orange Man Bucket man, etc.

He can be seen walking around in camouflage with a bucket and a cane, and if you stop to talk with him he’ll ramble about absolutely nothing for hours on end. His house is painted orange and black, and the glass is all covered with black paint. I happened to be driving by at the right time and I got a snapshot of him emerging from his lair. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but I couldn’t help myself.

Take a close look at the high-res version of the photo. He’s not looking through the goggles; he’s looking right at you.

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  1. Awesome shot!

    I wonder what he’s thinking. The struggles he’s been through and the things he’s seen. I would think it would either be all very interesting or all very dull. It’s probably not the middle..

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