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Goggle Man (Shippensburg, PA)

A photo of "Goggle Man".

A photo of "Goggle Man" taken in Shippensburg, PA

Shot on Nikon N60, F8 @ 1/350th. Taken for a college photography course in 2006.

“Goggle Man” is well-known in the small college town of Shippensburg, PA. He has reached urban legend status. He can be seen walking around in camouflage with a bucket and a cane. His house is painted orange and black, and the glass is all covered with black paint. I happened to be driving by at the right time and I got a snapshot of him emerging from his house.

Take a close look at the high-res version of the photo. He’s not looking through the goggles; he’s looking right at you.

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  1. Awesome shot!

    I wonder what he’s thinking. The struggles he’s been through and the things he’s seen. I would think it would either be all very interesting or all very dull. It’s probably not the middle..

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