Post-Bouldering Sunset At Stony Point

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Silhouttes of climbers leaving Stoney Point

Walking back to the car after an exhausting day of climbing in Chatsworth, CA

Shot on Canon EOS Rebel XSi, F9 @ 1/100th.

This has gotta be one of my favorite photos. It’s a decent shot, but I love what it reminds me of.

It was taken after a long and exhausting day of bouldering at Stoney Point (Stoney Point Outcroppings in Chatsworth, California) on January 24th, 2010. I remember feeling incredibly satisfied with the days events. We were hauling all of our gear back to the cars, and a beautiful sunset formed in front of us. We had a 10-15 minute walk ahead of us, and the fiery cotton candy colors in front us were growing more intense by the minute.

As drained as I was, I realized I needed to make some sort of effort to capture what was happening. My hands were cut up and burning from gripping rocks all day, but I sucked it up – I quickly pulled out the Rebel XSi and snapped a few pictures.

There are other shots where the colors in the sky are even more intense, but the silhouettes (of Pete, Nick, and Braydon) with crash pads on their backs make this one my favorite.

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