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SLAYER! Sidewalk Chalk & The Worlds Cutest Metalhead?

Makena drawing the Slayer logo in sidewalk chalk.

World's youngest metalhead draws Slayer logo on sidewalk

Over the weekend, my girlfriend Lauren and Makena (her 3 year old daughter) were decorating the sidewalk outside of my house with chalk. Spiders, fish, rainclouds, tacos… Even “crime scene” style body outlines! I had to join in.

Makena, world's biggest Slayer fan!

Ever since high school, I’ve had a tendency to draw the Slayer logo everywhere. It started with notebook sketches, and somehow continued even into my professional life. I’ve definitely come out of client meetings with a big ol’ SLAYER logo along the side of my notes.

Anyway, it’s only natural that I needed to draw a huge SLAYER on the sidewalk right outside of my house so that the whole neighborhood could enjoy it.

Makena loves to help, so she finished off the ‘R’ and helped me make the letters a bit thicker. I realized that this was a fantastic photo opportunity, so…

Makena drawing the Slayer logo in sidewalk chalk.

Edit: This image has spread across the web like wildfire. Tom Araya and Dave Lombardo have shared it on social media.

I’ve seen it pop up on Reddit several times. It’s on Vice, 9Gag, countless blogs and forums, and it seems to have become a meme (“slayer kid“, “there is hope”). While I’m not aware of a foolproof way to track the how far the image has spread (especially on Facebook) I’d like to do a follow up post on my observations.


  1. *cue Angel of Death*

    Thanks for starting my day with a smile Makena!

  2. The Metalluminati

    This is about to go viral…

  3. Starting her off right!!! I love it.

  4. Hi, I found a song on SLAYER-kids. You’ll maybe like it.
    It’s in german but I try to translate it.
    Have fun!

    Heavy Metal Kid
    You play as fast as wind
    Yet no one knows your band
    But you know you have talent
    Your mommy is begging
    But you go on headbanging
    You love mom she’s your purveyor
    But even mor you love SLAYEEEEER!!!!

    Heavy Metal Kid
    The hair waves in the wind
    You don’t want to study
    You want to have a tattoo
    Best would be some fire
    Mom’s health does expire
    And anyway you’re a yes sayer
    To buddys beer and SLAYEEEEER!!!!

  5. alexandar serbia

    2,796 people like this, 461 shares so far… Epic image dude, cheerz

  6. Chris

    Congrats! I thought this was amazing the first time I saw it on fb on a crummy Monday morning…made my day. Now I see it everywhere! I have the same annoying problem actually, I have to draw the SLAYER logo on everything!

  7. JOSE

    haha. saw this a while ago. its my fb avi for about a wk now. people freak out and think i have a kid these days. super cool man. i draw the slayer logo evrywhere. SLAYER RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. yuuup

    you can always drag the slayer image to’s search field then google will search the web for similar images..

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